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Designing Training

Duration: 3 Month, Part Time
  • Fees: INR 5000
  • Seats: Total – 10(Per batch)
Course Description:

HTML5, although still under development, is in use on the web and is supported by current browsers. It incorporates the latest device capabilities and multimedia, while keeping code readable, well-structured and consistent. New features include video, audio and structural and form elements. CSS3 is the fresh standard for controlling style and layout in HTML pages. It offers new options such as animation, shadows and embedded fonts. This course is an in introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 for the development of clean, efficient, dynamic websites that utilize the very latest capabilities.

What You Will Learn:

  • Changes to existing HTML features
  • HTML5 forms
  • How to include audio and video
  • CSS3 for style, color and opacity
  • CSS3 shadows, gradients and round corners
  • Animation and transitions with CSS3
  • HTML5 page structure
  • Web fonts
  • Media Queries to target mobile devices
  • Offline Websites

Knowledge of HTML & CSS is required to attend this course – and completing the 1 day HTML & Web Principles class and CSS Essentials will meet this requirement.


This course is ideal for web developers with some experience in XHTML or older versions of HTML, who would like to begin to build sites that use the latest capabilities on offer. It is also an excellent follow on course for students of the HTML & Web Principles and/or Dreamweaver Essentials courses.

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