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Telecom Solutions
We Provides Various Telecom Solutions for Marketing & Engaging with your Customer. The Services are as follows:

Bulk SMS Service

Messaging solutions to scale your business!

Our messaging system help you to reach your customers to build relationships. Run cost-effective SMS campaigns that deliver results through our advanced platforms.

Voice Call Broadcasting

Drive personalized brand engagement with our voice solutions!

Our advanced solutions enable you to breed customer loyalty by marketing your brand in a language that your customers truly understand. Empower your marketing efforts by sharing pre-recorded outbound dialer voice messages over phone calls with a scalable list to expand brand awareness in a personal and customized manner.

IVR Service

MultiLevel IVR, Inbuilt Call Recording & Monitoring Calls!

Effective Interactive Voice Response solutions with responses customizable in real-time such as API, call routing, call recording, and post-call reports. Also tested features such as language setup and post-call SMS response, etc. We can Enable in our IVR CRM for Normal Number or Toll-Free Number. Toll Free Numbers are free for callers and gives your business a unique identity.

Missed Call Service

Allows customers or targeted audience to reach out you at no cost!

Generate leads at a substantial rate without worrying your customers about the cost. Leverage the power of strong call-to-actions with our missed call services and grow your campaigns with definitive engagement by your customers.